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I have personally hired Craig Marson of First Team to sell multiple properties over the last 15 years.

  He sells my Probate, Estate and Trust properties for more money in shorter time.  He has successfully sold properties previously listed for years with other realators.  He has a dedicated team of professionals to help with Estate liquidation, clean up, hauling away trash and pre-sale repairs.  When you need to buy or sell a property he is the Realator that can ease your workload and worries.  He worked hands on with a client to purchase a new residence and my client was thrilled when he bought the house of his dreams!  Lawrence A. Dean II,  Licensed Professional Fiduciary  1200 Nevada St., Suite 203,  Redlands, Ca 92374  (909)792-9909 Phone  (909)792-9989 Fax

“I have worked with Craig in probate and trust sales for almost a decade.

He is responsive, diligent and extremely knowledgeable about his markets. Having sold numerous properties through the court system, Craig is familiar with the legal system and can anticipate problems that most real estate professionals can’t foresee. That helps sales close faster and avoid problems that can derail a sale.”  Jeffrey Coleman (Attorney)

I have worked with Craig for more than a decade on numerous probate sales ranging from ordinary to highly complicated sales transactions.

  Craig has consistently secured top dollar for our clients on estate and trust sales over the years, and is extremely responsive to his clients.  Craig is always well informed about the properties he lists and sells and is a strong advocate and agent for his clients interests.  He is a problem solver and deal closer of the highest order who has served our clients well for many years.   Greg Burnight,  Newell Curtis Nelson & Burnight, Long Beach , California.

Our firm handles only probate, trust, conservatorship and guardianship matters.

We have dealt with Craig Marson as a real estate broker over many years. All of the many sales he has handled for us have gone smoothly. He has taken the time to learn the applicable law, court rules and procedures. He knows what to look out for, how to protect his clients and their attorneys, and how to facilitate sales. He is a hard bargainer. When he is involved, I am always comfortable that he has gotten our client the best possible price and terms for each sale. His sense of humor and wit are added bonuses. I have no hesitation in recommending him.  Peter D. Pettler Mark Miller Pettler & Miller, LLP – Torrance, CA

I have bonded many case in which Craig was the realtor.

He has always had the paperwork for the sale properly taken care of, appeared at court to answer any questions and been available to pick up certified orders from the court to make sure an escrow closed timely. He truly understands what goes into the niche business of probate sales. Will Mingram Owner of Bond Services.

To whom it may concern: The attorneys at our office have been working with Mr.

Marson for over 5 years on a regular basis. He has brokered several real property sales for our client’s each year. Of all the Realtors in Los Angeles County, Mr. Marson is the cream of the crop. He has a thorough and complete understanding of the Court process and statutory procedures for selling and buying real estate in matter of Conservatorships, Gaurdianships, Powers of Attorney, Decedent Estate Probates and Trusts. Each of these areas are unique and often confusing to lawyers and Realtors. That lack of understanding and familiarity results in time delays, additional costs, lost opportunities and less assets for the Conservatee, Ward, Principal, or beneficiaries. When our client’s use Mr. Marson, they can be confident that they will not incurr unnecessary delays or losses because Mr. Marson is familiar with the law, the Courts, and the escrow and title issues that arise in sales governed by the Probate Code (which includes Conservatorships, Gaurdianships, Powers of Attorney, Probates and Trusts). In addition to his knowledge of and insight into the Court and the legal system, Mr. Marson has an outgoing, upbeat, and friendly personality and a charming Australian accent. He focuses on getting the terms of the sale contract done right from the start. Our office often refers client’s to Mr. Marson when they have a specific timeline or deadline because Mr. Marson is efficient in setting offering prices that will generate immediate offers and produce the highest selling price that the local market will bear at the present time. It is with great pleasure that the Law Offices of Conover & Grebe, LLP recommend Craig Marson to you. Very truly yours,  Jonathan J. Udewitz,  Attorney

I have known and worked with Craig for almost 13 years in matters involving sales of real property from conservatorship estates, trust estates and probate estates.

  While most sales transactions have been routine, some have not.  Craig has always been able to secure top dollar in even the most difficult of sales.  He is results-oriented and client-friendly.  He is very creative in crafting solutions to the more difficult situations.  He knows the Southern California real estate market better than most brokers, and he knows the unique rules governing probate sales, which is a big plus and avoids unnecessary delays in closing a sale.  Without qualification, I can give Craig my highest recommendation.  J. David Horspool, HORSPOOL & HORSPOOL A Professional Corporation, Redlands, California.  

I am a licensed private professional fiduciary who has employed Craig Marson of FirstTeam in my capacity as Conservator, Trustee, and/or Estate Administrator to sell several residential properties.

Craig is knowledgeable with Court requirements and operates with considerable efficiency and integrity. You can count on him.  -Herb Cohen

“The purpose of this testimonial is to highly recommend Craig Marson of First Team Real Estate Probate Division to any fiduciary (Conservator, Personal Representative, Trustee, Etc) or any attorney for such fiduciary for the listing and sale of real property.

Craig Marson is thoroughly familiar with the probate sale process and consistently provides the services required to efficiently sell real property for highest and best price. In my experience, Craig Marson has proven to be a valuable resource.”   Edward M. Bahny, Esq. Bahny & Close Long Beach, CA

I’ve been acquainted with Craig R Marson for years through the professional organization I belong to PFAC.

  Since I am located in Northern California I don’t often sell properties in Southern California.  Several years ago I was engaged to handle a probate Estate that had a house I needed to sell. Craig was my first thought and my first call even before I took the case.  I need to make sure Craig would be on my power team.  Not only was he on my team he took the initiative where I needed it most. Craig brought others on board, including the Estate seller. He then coordinated all the services so I didn’t have to worry being so far away.  I mean everyone, the estate selling, the Gardner and tree trimmer, the house cleaner, and the mover and haulers. Craig even helped me by picking up and delivering a box of important papers to an Attorney so I wouldn’t have to pay for and coordinate a currier.  He would be a great asset to have on your team. Barbara R. Simon, EA, LFP Enrolled Agent, Licensed Professional Fiduciary

"As a real estate attorney with 18 years of experience, I appreciate being able to count on Craig Marson to meet and exceed my Client's expectations.

Craig has a keen market understanding ensuring realistic values; and with his sophisticated understanding of legal and transactional issues; Craig helps to makes even the most complex of escrows manageable." Lisa G. Salisbury, Esq. SALISBURY LAW GROUP A Professional Law Corporation Successfully Serving the Real Estate and Business Community for over 17 Years "BECAUSE WE KNOW YOUR BUSINESS" The Optima Building 1600 Dove Street, Suite #107 Newport Beach, CA 92660 Phone   949-251-4600 Fax     949-251-4604

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